Your choice of healthy food is your bank account.
Good food choices are good investments
– Bethenny Frankel.

You don’t need a silver fork for a quality food product.

P2S foods

About Us

P2S food processes LLP is one of the state of art food processing industry contributing in food processing sectors. It is located in Industrial Development zone of Jejuri, Pune, Maharashtra which is in close vicinity of variety of raw materials like fruits, vegetable, medicinal plants and herbs.

We are bound to supply quality freeze dried material and its recipes for various purposes by maintaining quality raw material and SOP for processing. With certifications from national and international bodies we are delivering authenticated nutritious products to our esteemed customers.

With our team of experts and technocrats we are providing products of market potentials, consumer specificity and cost effectiveness.

freeze drying machine

Freeze Drying

It’s a dehydration process of foods under vacuum so that the moisture content changes directly from a solid to a gaseous form without having to undergo the intermediate liquid state through sublimation. During and after the process original size, shape, color and natural ingredients are retained. Specialty of this process is removal of interstitial cell water with minimum rupture to cells. Thus all nutrients are kept as such even after processing.

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Freeze Dried Vegetables

Freeze dried vegetables are used in various applications like: Pasta dishes, Vegetable dips dressings, Instant soups, Appetizers, Salad dressings and more.

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Freeze Dried Fruits

Freeze dried fruits are extensively applied in breakfast cereals, confectionaries, ice creams, snack mixes, pastries and many more.

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Freeze Dried Herbs

Freeze drying of herbs keeps their flavor, natural Aroma, color, nutritive values and hygiene intact without using artificial preservatives and additives.

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We ensure “Q”uality at all stages of processing as below



Post Drying



We analyze all our products and check their quality during each stage of food processing and freeze drying. Strict quality control maintained by performing microbiological tests and quality tests all throughout the process.

Consistent quality is ensured while innovation and research is done. We are recognized worldwide as a supplier or optimum quality and purity of end product all the time. Our reputation is purely built on trust and reliance of our clients. Our quality analysis is long proven by our clients.


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benefits of freeze drying

Benefits of Freeze Drying

  • Products become very light due to removal of water.
  • Bulk amount of products can be transported easily and efficiently.
  • Nutritional quality, colour, taste, shape and size is retained.
  • Stored at room temperature without refrigeration.
  • Preserved for months or years
  • Rehydrated very quickly and uniformly.
  • Spoilage due to microorganisms is prohibited
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